Bad fiction. The other kind.

What's the worst American fiction of the 21st century? Last month, in preparation for the baseball season, I read Brendan Boyd's 1991 novel Blue Ruin, based on the 1919 Black Sox scandal. It was overwrought, annoyingly clever, and depressingly bleak, hardly the thing to get me in the mood. But it did remind me of … Continue reading Bad fiction. The other kind.

What is Putin Afraid Of?

I’m plagiarizing Charlie Sykes of The Bulwalk, but I’ll give a more concise answer to the question than Sykes: Putin is afraid of the truth. More precisely, he’s afraid that Russians will discover three facts: that he’s invaded a sovereign country that is not run by neo-Nazis; that after a little more than a week … Continue reading What is Putin Afraid Of?